About this Website

This website is operated for the Sussex Japan Society by MCW. Original material is copyright MCW 1996-2003. Where we have used other material we believe that such material is in the public domain and where we have included links to other sites we have done so for the convenience of viewers and in the belief that this is also in the best interests of the owners of those sites; should this not be the case please advise us via the Society's response form. All links are working as at the latest full check (June 2003) but the Internet doesn't stand still so please advise us if you find any broken links.

It was created mainly using MS Front Page MS Front Page Logo       Website search technology courtesy FreeFind.com

Although I'm not a great fan of frames, as I believe their excessive use is helping to slow down the WWW, Front Page makes it pretty easy to use them so I thought I'd make a modest attempt at a side-bar menu.  Please let me know if you think it helps or hinders.  I will try to make sure that there is always an alternative route for non-frame users.

I was delighted to find that many of my thoughts about web site design are expressed (more cogently than I ever could) in the book "Web concept & design" by Crystal Waters New Riders Publishing ISBN 1-56205-684-4.  More information about Ms Waters' book and ideas can be found at her own web site www.typo.com

The majority of line drawings were taken from and/or edited with Corel Draw 6

Some of the photographs are courtesy of the following excellent site :   Sunsite Multimedia from Japan,

Thanks to Alan Brewster and many others for their hard work in researching and passing on to me extra links.

We wish to record our appreciation and thanks to Birmingham Eiwakai, who inspired us, let us use their constitution as a model and also provided the base design for our logo.

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